• platter of cold cuts 18.00

    Selection of cold cuts and cheeses served with tigelle (a traditional bread from Emilia-Romagna), agave syrup, and artisanal mustard.

  • Flowers of Africa 15.00

    Fried flowers filled with crocodile, battered with rice flour by La Filetteria Italiana, served with saffron mayonnaise.

  • Heidi 10.00

    Beetroot fried rice, mushroom mousse, roasted friggitelli peppers, and stracciatella cheese.

  • Anitartare 14.00

    Beef tartare, extra-virgin olive oil, ancient mustard, chopped capers and sun-dried tomatoes, served with stracciatella cheese and mixed greens.

  • Vitel Tonne’ 13.00

    Traditional veal in tuna sauce with pickled vegetables and mixed greens.


  • Anita 14.00

    Radicchio, zola cheese fondue, raspberry chutney.

  • Chiara 17.00

    Saffron and bone marrow reduction.

  • Nina 15.00

    Rocket pesto, stracciatella cheese, sun-dried tomato confit, anchovy colatura.

  • Magi 24.00

    Truffle butter risotto, with fresh black truffle.

  • Frida 15.00

    Braised leek cream, basil chlorophyll, speck crisp, and porcini mushroom powder.

  • Sofia 14.00

    Fresh cherry tomato cream, burrata cheese, basil sauce.

  • Greta 13.00

    Black garlic, salmoriglio (a Sicilian herb sauce), salted ricotta cheese, and tomato coulis.

  • Alessandra 16.00

    Mushrooms, pecorino cheese fondue, caramelized pears, and red wine reduction.


  • Barbabietola, polpo e arancia 20.00

    (4, 7)


  • Classic 16.00

    Breaded chicken cutlet with panko and breadcrumbs, served with mixed greens and cherry tomatoes, and a complimentary sauce.

  • Vegeterian 16.00

    Breaded chicken cutlet with panko and breadcrumbs, served with mixed greens and cherry tomatoes, and a complimentary sauce.


  • Oven-baked potatoes 5.00
  • French fries 5.00
  • Sautéed escarole 5.00

  • Oven-roasted friggitelli peppers. 5.00
  • Mixed greens 5.00


  • Saffron mayonnaise 1.00

  • Sweet mustard sauce 1.00

  • Special sauce of "La Filetteria Italiana" 1.00

  • Spicy spreadable pork sausage sauce 1.00
  • Salmoriglio sauce 1.00

    A traditional Southern Italian sauce made with lemon, olive oil, garlic, and oregano.

  • Lime mayonnaise 1.00

  • Classic mayonnaise 1.00

  • Spicy mayonnaise 1.00

  • Barbecue sauce 1.00


  • Lemon cake 7.00

  • Ricotta and pear cake 7.00

  • Gluten-free Tiramisu 7.00

  • Classic cheesecake 7.00

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