The cuisine

Our menu focuses on the specialties of milanese cuisine, including the famous cotoletta alla milanese and risottos, from the classic to the most unique. We use only high-quality ingredients, carefully selected to ensure maximum taste and freshness.

In addition to our dishes, we also offer a wide selection of local and national wines, which will perfectly complement your meal. Our team of experts will guide you in choosing the wine that best suits your preferences.



Traditional Risotti



Special risotti

About Us

Welcome to Anita Milano, the Milanese cuisine restaurant that will take you on a journey to discover the most authentic flavors of local tradition. We are located in the Repubblica area, in the heart of the city, and are ready to welcome you for a unique gastronomic experience.

Visit us and discover our cozy, family-friendly restaurant, where quality food is combined with a passion for hospitality. Reserve your table now and have an unforgettable experience at Anita Milano.

Who is Anita

A force of nature, pure energy like the colors she wore as a girl. Anita climbed everywhere, her favorite environment? Construction sites with scaffolding made out of Innocenti pipes, she would reach dizzying heights and we from below all together with risotto shared between friends would stand and watch her in admiration.

When the boys’ raids were over, the inevitable schnitzel was waiting for us at home, giving us protein, ready to be used for the next adventure!

Anita restaurant encapsulates all these moments, joy and lightheartedness, colors and some risotto to eat all together or a schnitzel to continue the day in strength.